What is Crowdfunding? How Gamefunding works


What is Crowdfunding? How Gamefunding works

Crowdfunding is a modern opportunity to collect investments for new ideas or upcoming startups. Crowdfunding is a rising industry. It’s crucial to choose the best fitting model for your industry. Gamefunding focuses on the needs of game studios, indie developer and everyone else in the gaming industry.

Crowdfunding makes you independent from banks

Crowdfunding is way to collect money from friends, family, individuals and potential investors. Usually new business are asking banks for loans. Smaller projects, especially indie games, don’t fit the image of a good investment for banks.

The bank offered you the loan you need? We at GamesFyre don’t think that’s a advantage. Your first profits will be gone, because of the high interest you have to pay. Starting a crowdfunding campaign on our platform is free and offers much more benefits.

Gamefunding is the future for indie games and developers

Gamefunding focuses to connect people with the same interest. GamesFyre is a platform exclusively for people sharing the same interests. People who’s heart is beating for the gaming world. This can be classic board games or progressive video games. You can also fund your new gaming related energy drink if it’s designed for gamers.

Upcoming indie game project don’t have to fear that any art or ecology project distracts the visitors from their new game concept. General crowdfunding platforms can’t guarantee that campaigns actually reach their potential customers.

The future needs Gamefunding – this is why

Major publishers are focused on their big successful titles. They invest millions to bring that AAA-title to you. It’s a big risk for them to start a new series of games. Playing Hard, a Netflix documentary, shows how difficult it was to make “For Honor” a success.

It takes a lot of time, money and effort to create a new game. Without the necessary support, it’s impossible to come up with new exciting game designs. You are bored from Call of Duty, Need for Speed, Battlefield or another Assassin’s Creed? Than spare a dime and give new game designs a chance.

Rewards over interest payments

Players don’t want your pay. They want to be part of your idea. They want to be the first to enjoy your games. Rewards are little gifts for your supporters. Your fans will be happy as soon as they receive the prototype of your game, a fan package or a character named after your greatest supporters. For you as a developer, that’s a supper effective promotion. You benefit from your own rewards. You will never benefit from any bank loan.

All our projects get verified by our team. We try our best to assure the rewards to the players. Other crowdfunding platforms, do not really care about whats happening with the money given to the creators.

Now it’s up to you give your games the chance they deserve. We’ve collected 7 tips that will make your campaign a success.

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