Should you split your crowdfunding campaign? Why smaller steps might be better


Should you split your crowdfunding campaign? Why smaller steps might be better

When you are new to crowdfunding, you have no reputation to the community. If you want to crowdfund your game, it can be a good practic to split one big crowdfunding campaign into several smaller ones.

Who should split a crowdfunding campaign?

You should split your crowdfunding campaign, if you aim for a bigger amount of money and never started a crowdfunding campaign before. If your funding goal is less than 2,000 $, we would generally not advise more than one campaign for the same project. This also depends on your target group and what they are willing to spend.

Who does campaign splitting work?

With a bit of creativity it’s easy to come up with a good concept. You should refer to your project plan. For example before you fund your complete game, you could fund a prototype or a demo and give it to the people.

They get a first sneak peak, can give you good feedback or you will maybe get streamed on Twitch or YouTube and more people get interested in what you are doing.

You need to build trust

If you are unknown to the community, nobody knows if you really deliver the rewards and work hard to stay in time. With a prototype campaign you can proof your reliability to your peers. We at GamesFyre give extra trust levels to creators, so you basically start at zero. Your first successful campaign will increase your reputation to your whole audience and you will attract more and better investors.

You grow a fan base

With every campaign you grow a bigger fan base. Everyone who supported you in your first project will probably support you with your next ones. If they liked your rewards, they might also share the experience with their friends.

Maybe you just started out with your social media presence. You are not sure how many people are actually interested in your project. Treat a prototype crowdfunding campaign like an experiment. It can help you to get an impression about your audience.

You are more likely to succeed with every campaign

It’s simple math. If you want to reach a funding goal of 9,000$ you are much more like to collect 3,000$ if you didn’t gain any attention yet. Taking little steps will help you to reach your big funding goal. In the worst case your upcoming campaign won’t succeed, but you already funded one third of your goal.

You will reach more funds in total

All benefits combined, lead to a larger audience for your game development project. More people are willing to support your project multiple times. And because they trust in you and your game design abilites they are willing to support you with more funds. People may invest 10$ in a “good sounding”-idea, but the same people might invest 100$ in a brand they identify with. A game they want to see on the market, because they want to play it with all their friends.

Not sure if crowdfunding is the right for you? Campaign splitting is a good idea to try it, you got nothing to lose and so much to win. Starting a campaign with GamesFyre just takes 5 minutes.

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