TwilightStar: Heart of Eir

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Meet the single player RPG you’ve been waiting for!  By combining our favourite elements of classic 90’s games with modern mechanics like tactical turn-based combat systems, advanced NPC AI’s and a unique magickal system named “Stryah”, our goal is to reinvigorate the genre by returning to a narrative-heavy, tactical gaming format.  A year into production, TwilightStar: Heart of Eir is seeking funding for its most vital stage of development.


We have been developing the core code for the game over the last year, and  the goal is to create a game that gives the player opportunity to  interact with the world of Eathral – whilst staying true to what we love about the straight forward design of old-school games.

Our  aim is to pay homage to the 90’s jRPGs that most of us old-school game  fans remember for their beautiful soundtracks and immersive story-lines.  We really want to capture the freedom given to players in modern open world games by giving them the opportunity to explore an expansive world  map whilst keeping key game features that have fallen out of favour in more contemporary RPG games; for example we’re integrating a tactical turn-based battle strategy into the game!

As well as introducing newer mechanics like establishing unique benefits  that relate to world interaction – for example granting the player  access to special locations and weapons based off of the Stryah affinity of their characters, our magic system (the Stryah,) pools it’s baseline from traditional jRPG.

We really wanted to push the boundaries of the relationship that magickal powers have with our players and the world of Eathral  itself. So with a new name, we’ve distanced it from the magic and  magicks of its predecessors. We figured a new face would really help us  shape it into something new whilst also staying true to TwilightStar: Heart of Eir‘s traditional jRPG roots.


Eathral is crumbling.
The Stryah  crystals that shine like starlight, imbuing the planet with life are  turning black, and pockets of chaos are sprouting all across the  continent. But in the reclusive village of Homaran, a tentative peace is sustained amongst its people.

Eir lives simply with her father; her life plain but fulfilling. Until he is brutally murdered at the hands of the Caelki, a dark sect who live in service to disorder and the worship of an insatiable god, long since forgotten to legend.

With her closest companion, Kira, at her heel and a mysterious book written in a language she does not understand, Eir  sets out on a quest to find answers that will reshape her destiny and  change everything she knows about who she thought she was. Taking refuge in the hands of her allies and the ancestral power that roots itself  deeper within her than even she knows, Eir must learn to wield the power of the stars in this tale of magical discovery, betrayal and adventure.

We’ve been working hard at creating the perfect characters that match the quality and consistency of TwilightStar: Heart of Eir. And with Reallusion‘s state of the art software suites, including; Character Creator 3, Iclone 7, Iray and MotionLive. We’ve been able to do just that!


Stryah is the essence of all things; the lifeblood of Eathral. Taking the form of azure crystalline structures littered across the globe, Stryah manifests itself within the six key elements of existence; fire, earth, water, air, light and dark. These Stryah  crystals are the spiritual veins of the planet, with many adept  wielders capable of manipulating its energy to their own agenda.


Hidden amongst the thousandth thousandth galaxy, Eathral is a small and inconspicuous planet gifted with the ability to retain life by Clavarai; an omnipotent being who thrives upon its abundance. Eathral serves as Clavarai’s  key source of power in the universe, and is a testament to the legacy of the deities imbued with the ability to create and wield pure Stryah.


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